Apple’s latest iPhone 15 utility features can help you be more productive, reduce distraction, and be more present. The new iOS 15 update also makes FaceTime calls more natural, adds powerful tools to manage notifications, and more.

A rumor claims that Apple may finally switch to USB-C for the iPhone 15. With many large regions mandating a standardized connector, it’s no surprise.

AI Powered Features

iPhones have the maximum number of AI powered features of all Apple devices. Apple leverages ML for various features, including Face ID, voice recognition and more. Its ML makes its devices intuitive, enabling them to understand user behavior and offer the most relevant features.

With iOS 15, users can reduce distraction and focus on what matters with new tools that automatically filter notifications and apps. The feature, called Focus, uses on-device intelligence to suggest the best time of day for users to avoid distractions and be more present throughout the day, like during work hours or when winding down before sleep. The feature also works across all Apple devices to help users stay focused on what they’re doing.

Other iPhone 15 AI features include Live text, which allows you to select any typed or handwritten text and convert it to a contact or email address. It also translates speech into text and supports multiple languages. Moreover, it can transcribe your voicemail messages to text. It works even offline and minimizes the processing time for those on slow networks.

Another interesting iPhone AI feature is Personal Voice, which lets users create a virtual replica of their voice. The feature is primarily intended to aid those who are at risk of permanently losing their voice due to conditions such as ALS.

Enhanced Gaming Performance

Gaming is a massive industry and competitive games often have insane graphics, environments, campaigns, and more. They also eat up a ton of storage and can fill up a phone faster than you might expect. This is why it’s important to back up your data and clear your iPhone storage regularly.

Some iPhone users have had trouble with their phones running slow, but a recent report suggests Apple could be taking this issue seriously with the upcoming iPhone 15. A new 3nm A17 chip manufactured by TSMC is reportedly more energy efficient than its predecessor, and that may help boost performance.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly upgrading to a new ultrawideband (UWB) chip in the iPhone 15 that supports up to four times the speed of Wi-Fi 6 and should offer a more stable connection for gaming on the go. If this is true, the iPhone 15 might have one of the best gaming experiences available on a smartphone.

Finally, a switch to USB-C could be another big benefit for gamers, though it’s unclear whether this will be an iPhone 15 Pro exclusive feature like Dynamic Island or if it will be a standard feature in all models. According to a leaked document from ShrimpApplePro, the iPhone 15 will only support USB-C accessories certified by Apple’s Made for iPhone program. This would limit the transfer speeds of wired accessories compared to Lightning-based ones.

iPhone 15 Pro Variant

The iPhone 15 is expected to get a few design tweaks that will likely make it a more compelling upgrade. One of the most prominent rumors is that it will switch to USB-C from Lightning. This is a result of new regulations from the European Union. Apple has resisted this change in the past, but it may be forced to do so for this year’s model. This could also free up room for a second camera lens, which would make the Pro variant an attractive option for photographers.

Other changes are expected to include a more rounded design and a larger camera iphone 15 128gb bump. Rumors suggest that the power and volume buttons will remain physical, but will be replaced by haptic keys that will give you feedback when you press them. The mute button will be replaced by a programmable “Action Button” that you can use for other functions, such as starting the camera or Siri.

According to a report from Chinese publication IT Home, the iPhone 15 will have battery capacities of 3,877mAh (iPhone 15), 4,912mAh (iPhone 15 Plus), and 5,177mAh (iPhone 15 Pro Max). This will allow it to support Qi2 wireless charging, which could boost speeds to up to 15W. It isn’t clear whether this will require new accessories or if existing MagSafe chargers will be able to deliver this increased speed.