With iOS 15 Apple releases a number of new features which could help make your iPhone even more effective. It includes a brand new App Privacy Report which reveals which apps have access to your camera, microphone, as well as other information on your device.

Veteran reporter Mark Gurman claims that the new iPhone 15 line will have curved edges and a programmable Action button which can take over the mute button. In addition, he says the Pro models will sport A pill-and-hole shape that’s smaller than the previous model.

Notch Design

The Notch is a display cutout that allows for a better full-screen experience as well as allowing room for the front camera the proximity sensor, and the Ambient light sensors. It’s also not without its critics. Many people dislike the look of the notch due to its potential to affect apps, specifically applications that haven’t been optimized for notched screens.

The developers of many of the most well-known apps have adapted their software to support the new layout of screen. The result is that they run smoothly on devices that have a notch. And it’s not difficult to do as well. These are some suggestions that will help you achieve that:

It’s not just the notch to be updated in the coming year, but. According to reports, this year’s iPhone 15 series will get one with USB-C instead of a Lightning one along with smaller bezels and smooth edges. This change is one that seems sensible, as the EU has mandated the inclusion of USB-C ports starting from today. The other improvements are a Dynamic Island-shaped notch, which will replace the hole-punch design that first appeared in the last iPhone X models. The notch is able to change the size of its notch based on what you’re doing. It’s a great feature to break up the monotony of looking at the same pattern all the time.

New Privacy Features

Apple is known for strict security protocols and iOS updates frequently introduce the latest tools to ensure you are protected. They usually do not alter your day-to-day experience but can assist in limiting data gathering on the phone.

For instance, iOS 14.5 includes an update to App Tracking Transparency that gives users a daily summary of the way apps are using your location, camera as well as other sensor data. You can also turn on Record App Activity to get an even more comprehensive report on the activities of apps on your device.

Another thing you can enjoy is a return of the pre-iOS 13 magnifying glass that allows users to move the cursor in the display. Simply tap and hold the screen while you’re selecting texts or changing the cursor’s position and you’ll see the magnifying glass appear.

Other possible updates include a new system for generating secure codes through the lock screen that’s more challenging to break than those transmitted via SMS. Additionally, there’s a possibility to store HomeKit home, hotel and car keys in the iPhone so that they are easily accessible (although it could be limited only to Pro models). It is also believed that the basic iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port, a processor A17 and maybe an Apple made modem processor.

Siri Improvements

Apple has been enhancing Siri each iOS update to make it much easier to access most important features on an iPhone. The Siri feature is now able in its ability to use voice recognition. It can also provide more customized settings for customization, and even extend battery life optimization techniques.

One of the largest improvements has come with iOS 15. Due to a different on-device processing system, Siri now keeps most audio queries on the device iphone 15 pro 512gb and not uploading them to servers. This makes the assistant much speedier and safer.

A further notable enhancement is the possibility to instruct Siri to broadcast notifications about incoming calls, messages and other notifications over AirPods as well as Beats headphones. This function was introduced in iOS 15 and is a appreciated feature for those who are looking to cut back on the amount of distraction.

Other enhancements in iOS 15 also include the ability to support accents from other languages as well as the option to turn off a specific app or feature using a single press. The ability to customize the amount of time between your question and its response. This can be adjusted in Settings -> Accessibility -> Siri. The number of voices supported has also expanded to be inclusive of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian The system now supports the mix of English and Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Punjabi.