Comedy movies are a great way to make up your mood, causing you a great laugh. Studies say that watching good comedy movies can improve your mood and lower your stress level. Hence, you can watch a comedy movie to entertain yourself after a stressful office day. Do you like to watch  Telugu movies online  Are you searching for comedy films to watch online? Aha platform has it all in one place. The positive feeling of laughter can reduce a certain amount of tension in your heart, improving your overall health and immunity. Studies have proven that people who love funny movies can improve a few things in their personalities. Therefore, here are some recommendations for you. Movies like OriDevuda and DJ Tillu are great suggestions.


The vibe and concept of OriDevuda are extremely funny and excellent. The dialogue delivery is solid and makes the overall plot of the movie better. This story of the film is brilliant and looks like a regular romantic plot. Furthermore, the role of Venkatesh advances the plot creating interest in the story for the viewers. Many characters in the movie further advance the movie and make it comical for the audiences to enjoy. The movie has dramatic moments that run at a good pace. The performance of MithilaPalkar is chirpy, and the chemistry between her and Vishkar goes along pretty well. The plot revolves around the marriage of Anu and Arjun. However, when Arjun tries to break it off, Venkatesh interrupts and gives Arjun a second chance. It has a good sequence and runs off pretty smoothly all along.


The movie concept of DjTillu is simple yet complex. The movie’s plot takes place on Tillu, who wants to become a DJ disc. However, he falls for a girl Radhika, who accidentally kills her ex-boyfriend. They both try to hide the body, but to their bad luck, a drunk person records it all. The drunk guy later tries to blackmail both of them and asks for money, or else he will show this evidence to the police. Radhika, to gather that money, plans on seducing the owner of a club. The plot had a good structure, and throughout the movie, the comedy goes on. If you a fan of Telugu comedy movies,  log in to the No 1 OTT platform aha.